InterWeb Designs was founded in 1996 in the greater Savannah area. This was at a time when the World Wide Web was still in its relative infancy. Commercial websites were just starting to become popular. There were no sophisticated website devlopment tools. Designers had to learn the intricacies of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to write the code to make the sites appear properly. Even the web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic, etc.) had minimal display capabilities compared to today’s advanced browsers.


Although the market was wide open, sales were difficult at first simply because many business people did not understand the concept of websites and questioned whether anyone would really use the World Wide Web to obtain information about their business. That changed quickly as more and more consumers started using the Web on a regular basis and businesses started to realize the massive marketing potential that it offered. E-commerce, providing the ability to purchase items online, started to spring up all over the Web and, suddenly, seemingly everyone wanted a website. Coupled with the ability to put together websites very economically, this new medium was no longer for just the corporate giants. Small and emergent businesses wanted in on the action.


Today, InterWeb Designs has clients in a wide variety of businesses, both large and small. Some clients have large corporate offices with major production facilities and others are home-based businesses of one or two employees not needing a conventional “brick and mortar” storefront.


InterWeb Designs is owned and managed by Mike Altshuler. Starting as a young boy, he has over 40 years of experience in the computer business. Since becomming involved in websites, he has designed, developed, hosted and promoted many sites, large and small, simple and complex. He and his team of experts take great pride and satisfaction in the success that InterWeb Designs continues to bring to its clients' businesses via their professionally designed web sites. You can view many of those sites by going to the "Portfolio" page and clicking on any of the thumbnail images in the gallery.


Mike emphasizes that InterWeb Designs provide a highly personalized service.  He attributes the success that it has achieved to not only the professional quality of the sites that it produces and the wide variety of website-related services that the business provides, but also that that he and his team are eager and readily available to assist clients.  InterWeb Designs  endeavors to answer every phone call personally, only using voice mail when they are working directly with another client or are temporarily out of the office. There is no impersonal automated phone menu to struggle through to reach them - and you won't be waiting on hold for the next available representative.

Coupled with consultation with the previous pricipals when needed, InterWeb Designs is the perfect company to produce or upgrade a website for you, or to host one that you already have.  We have a large Georgia based client base, and understand your unique geographic preferences and needs.  We also have a presence in South Eastern Massachusetts, and provide excellent service to customers all across the USA.


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