People often wonder why websites seem to be so expensive.  To limit costs they consider building their own website.  With the plethora of applications (some free), there is a natural temptation for someone to "roll thier own".  There are a number of considerations that should be reviewed.  One thing to keep in mind is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You can have 2 websites that look to be identical.  One however will show up when keywords are searched for on search engines such as Goggle.  The other will not be found in the search results; getting found on the web is NOT based on appearances.


There are a lot of aspects to web-design that a neophyte can easily overlook.


Given enough time and effort, a business owner can create a plausible looking site, but the expenditure in time and energy almost always would provide a better return for a business person by expending those hours pursing other key aspects of their business, and not applied in trying to learn all the complexities of website design, or worse overlooking major issues.  Let our expertise developed over hundreds of sites work for you.


Our costs for a unique, attractive, engaging, and productive website for your business can range from several hundred dollars for a very simple one page site, where a clear definition of what is desired and all required graphics are provided to many thousands for a complex multi-page site with e-commerce shopping, driven by a database and accepting credit card payments.


Having a budget is a big help in getting your website started.  Knowing the available funding will let us uniquely address issues to an allowable level.


Some people are satisfied to allow us to develop their website with very little personal choices.  Others have strong feelings for virtually every aspect of the design.  InterWeb Desgins is OK with either approach.  However, if you are going to weigh in on every detail of the design, then it will save time and money if you make the effort to look at a number of existing, competitive sites, and formulate clear upfront guidance as to your likes and dislikes.


Either way, please contact us to pursue the definition of the website you desire and to obtain a proposal and cost estimate.


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