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Website Design

Superior Website design encompasses much more than just the look and feel of a website.  In addition to the graphic design, how the site visitor interacts with the site is of critical importance.  This user interface is of critical importance, and is sadly neglected in many site designs.  Behind the scenes, how the site is coded (languages, coding style/standards and the use of databases) all affect the effort required to create the site, and more importantly, the ease/difficulty of site maintenance (implementation of changes). The investment of $1 up front will often save $10 over the life of the site.


Website Development

Website development is the effort of implementing a Website design.  This includes creation of markup, and code, and the potential implementation of Content Management, shopping carts, and e-commerce features.


Website Support

Website support is the on-going maintenance of your website.  This includes content updates as well as security related changes.  Although many sites include a customer Content Management System (CMS), we have found that most customers achieve a better end-result at a lower cost by having us maintain their site's content.

Domain Names

Domain Names

Customers may may successfully search for the best domain name available, but they also may easily overlook a better choice.  Let's work together to find the best domain name available for you.



Your website will be available for public viewing because it will be installed on a website server.  With backup power and Internet connectivity, the reliability is very high.  Outages are infrequent, and usually of short duration.

Website SEO and Promotion

While many visitors know about your website from business cards, and other advertising, much of the traffic to your site will be the result of a query to a Search Engine, such as the defacto leader Google.  Creating a website that is likely found with a Google search depends on many factors.  The 2 most important are keywords and links.  We will prepare your site to maximize its position based on key words likely to be used by potential visitors.  You can do an important part by getting links to your site listed on industry and other websites.





Email and Spam filtering

Included with every website we host are 5 domain specific email addresses for you to use.  In addition, email forwarders will be provided at nominal cost.  Mailboxes beyond the 5 are available for a low additional fee.

We also offer a variety of Spam filtering services if you are the victim of excessive amounts of Spam.  There are a variety of techniques for dealing with Spam; contact us for a recommendation.



If you sell products, either retail or wholesale, e-commerce is a natural addition to your website.  By freeing you up from the time consuming task of working with customers, taking their orders,  and accepting payments for routine transactions, the website can free you to attend to the more complicated sales.  The e-commerce solution we recommend will depend of the type and variety of the products you offer for sale.


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